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SURUS INVERSA S.L holds a website and uses cookies for profiling purposes.


GDPR considers (30) that: “Natural persons may be associated with online identifiers […] such as Internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers or other identifiers […]. This may leave traces which, in particular when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to create profiles of the natural persons and identify them.”
Therefore the cookie consent system, according to GDPR, should ensure that the consent is…

  • given on the basis of clear and specific information about data types and purpose
  • given before any processing other than the strictly necessary takes place, also known as ‘prior consent’
  • given as an affirmative, positive action
  • the result of a true choice The user must have the option to reject superfluous cookies and still use the website
  • recorded as evidence that consent has been given, and it is reversible. Users must be able to withdraw their consent whenever they want

Article 22.2 of Law 34/2002. Service providers may use data storage and retrieval devices in the terminal equipment of the recipients, provided that they have given their consent after being provided with clear and complete information of their use, in particular, of the purposes of the handling of data, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data. When technically possible and effective, the consent of the recipient for accepting the handling of data may be facilitated by the use of the appropriate parameters of the browser or other applications, provided that it must proceed to its configuration during its installation or update by means of an action to this effect. This shall not prevent the possible storage or access of technical nature for the sole purpose of performing the transmission of a communication trough an electronic communications network or, to the strictly necessary extent, for the provision of an Information Society service expressly requested by the recipient.”


First layer

This site uses its own operational cookies with a functional purpose and those of third parties that allow you to remember your preferences and make profiles, so that you navigate between pages with efficiency, and in general, to improve your experience as a user.

Second layer

SURUS INVERSA S.L informs you about the uses of cookies in their websites.
Cookies are files that are downloaded to your computer when you access certain websites. They are tools that play an important role when providing services in the Information society. Cookies allow a website, amongst other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of users or their computer and, depending on the information they contain, to recognize the user and improve the service provided.

Types of Cookies

Depending on the entity managing the domain from which cookies are sent and handling the data obtained, two types may be distinguished: Own cookies and third-party cookies.
They can also be classified depending on the period of time during which they remain stored in the user’s browser, they can be session cookies or persistent cookies.
Finally, they can also be classified in five types depending on the purpose of data retrieval: technical cookies, customization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies, or behavioral advertising cookies.

Cookies used in this website

This is a summary of the cookies used on this website as well as their use and purpose:
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis tool developed by Google for the measurement and analysis of website browsing. Your browser will show 4 cookies from this service. According to the precious classification, they are own, session analysis cookies. For more information about them and for disabling these cookies, go to .

Web-analysis provides information about the number of user accessing the website, the number of visited pages, frequency and repetition of visits, duration, browser used, service provider, language, used device or city assigned to your IP. This information improves the service provided by this portal.

Another downloaded cookie is a technical cookie called ASP.NET_SessionId. Thanks to this cookie we can store a unique session identifier in order to link the necessary data to allow browsing.

At last, a technical cookie called cookies_policy is also downloaded. This is an own cookie, of technical and session type. It manages user consent regarding the use of cookies in the website and will remind users if they have accepted them or not. Those who have accepted them will not see information about them in the top section of the page.

Accepting the Cookies Policy

SURUS INVERSA S.L does not assume that you have accepted the use of cookies until you have explicitly accepted them through the “I agree” button and shows information about our Cookies Policy in the bottom part of any page on the website every time a new session is started with the purpose of informing you.
The following actions can be taken with this information:

  • Accept the cookies. The notice will not be displayed when accessing any other page in the website during the current session.
  • Close. The notice will hide.
  • Modify settings. You will be able to get more information about cookies, get to know SURUS INVERSA S.L cookies policy and modify the settings of your browser.

How to change the settings for cookies

You can restrict, block or remove cookies from SURUS INVERSA S.L or any other page using your browser. Steps are different depending on the browser, “Help” function will show you how.

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If you block cookies in your browser it is possible that some website services or functionalities are disabled.